SPACE PLANNING| Layout & Design - your road map to success

In the remodeling process, whether it be a kitchen design or an entire home, we start by drawing up detailed plans of the existing space making notes regarding locations of existing HVAC, electrical, plumbing and structural walls.


Once those elements are identified, we carefully reconfigure the space to provide the optimal flow, functionality and space utilization.  We can provide full construction drawings for any non-load bearing design and we'll work in conjunction with an architect or engineer for any loading bearing issues.  Our goal is to maximize the use of the square footage.


For new construction projects, we will work with existing blue prints to create an interior floor plan. If a structural component is causing a space dilemma, we work directly with a structural expert to safely reconfigure the plan. Once in place we provide lighting and electrical drawings, design elevations and section drawings of custom millwork or cabinetry.

KITCHEN DESIGN| Funcational and delicious!

Fieldstone cabinetry kitchen design

We understand that remodeling your kitchen can be a scary and nerve wracking experience.  As our part of our service, we make sure that all of the details have been addressed long before the contractor shows up at your door.


We offer expertise in architectural space planning, an in-depth knowledge of appliances, a thorough understanding of countertop materials and all of the details in between.


Having a well thought out design and great plan to work from will ensure the process goes smoothly and the disruption to your home is minimized as much as possible.


We have a comprehensive questionnaire that we review with you prior to the design in order to understand your lifestyle and spatial needs. Together, we will identify your work zones such as prep, cooking, cleaning and storage and artfully incorporate those functions with how you live. Whether your kitchen is used for meal preparation, entertaining or dining — we will integrate your personal style into the final design.


Click here if you’re ready to discuss your kitchen design and you would like to schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our experienced designers.

BATHROOM DESIGN| Add a glass of champagne and you'll cover all five senses.



The kitchen shouldn't be the only room in the home that appeals to your senses.  With todays technology a well designed bath can appeal to our eyes, ears, nose and sense of touch.  Select from the soft bubbles of an air tub to the massaging  tingle of a jet tub.  Add in your favorite aromatherapy fragrance and set the scene with today’s chroma-therapy options.  Top it all off with the sound vibrations available with an acoustic tub option and you have the perfect recipe for relaxation.


Our bathroom designs are not only beautiful, but also extremely functional. We define your space and storage needs by identifying how many people it will serve, bathing/showering preferences and workspace options for everyday activities.

LIGHTING| Our designers specialize in the fine art of illumination.


We analyze your existing lighting and recommend elegant and efficient solutions based on specific lighting calculation requirements.


Services include selecting fixtures, lighting controls and programming systems. In addition to overall interior lighting, we will highlight what you love in your home such as artwork and architectural elements with detailed focus fixtures.


Every space design includes a lighting plan.

FURNISHINGS| Form follows function.

Selecting furniture is more than meets the eye.  Our designers have a keen sense of aesthetic for shape and color when pulling together fabric and furniture pieces to create a perfectly scaled, proportioned design.


We also ensure that we select quality materials for longevity.  Our goal is to select furniture items that will stay with you and your family for years to come.


Once the furniture is selected we complete the space by adding in the perfect wall color, wallpaper and window treatments.  Then we finish it off with artwork, accessories and table-toppers that will define and finish the space.


Linda Fougerousse in Oak Brook, IL on Houzz
Linda Fougerousse in Oak Brook, IL on Houzz

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