Maybe you found us through a friend, our website or even our social network, our first meeting together is like a first date.  Will we like each other? Do we connect ? Is there a chance for something good to happen here?  We understand those are the questions running through you mind.


In order to help you to decide, we provide a complimentary initial consultation with our main objective being to listen to your goals and ideas for the space.


During this meeting, we'll take it room by room to hone in on your dreams and get a good understanding of your requirements.


Once we have a thorough grasp of your needs, we will develop a proposal for you outlining the services, the time-line, the budget and our fees.

PROGRAMMING| Design Assessment - so we decided on a second date.

Fieldstone cabinetry kitchen design

Now is the time for us to really get to know each other.  We'll talk a lot about the future and we'll cover all kinds of details like finances, kids, pets and all other important details that we need to know in order to be the perfect partner with your design endeavor.


Prior to this meeting, we'll ask you to compile an image gallery, either on-line or from a magazine.  We walk through this gallery together to get a full understanding of why you selected these photos and what about them inspired you.


We will also use this time to photograph and measure the existing space to accurately prepare our base-plan drawings.  The fundamentals for the initial design concepts are developed from the information we acquire during this process.

SCHEMATIC DESIGN| Concept Design - now we're getting serious.

This is stage in the process that's the equivalent of meeting the parents.  We are showing you our ideas and concepts for the space.


This step will consist of reviewing the drafted space plans and layouts, the proposed furniture plan options, and any design concept drawings for custom furniture pieces, built-in cabinetry, or architectural treatments.


If applicable, we will also present several preliminary furniture groupings and decorative window treatment options, usually in three separate color schemes.

DESIGN DEVELOPMENT| Final Design Development - "the proposal"

Now that we've come this far, we're ready to make that final commitment.  Okay so we don't get down on one knee but we do come in with a diamond to present to you and to ask for your hand in design.


Using your feedback from the design concept presentation, we will fine-tune the space plan layout and furniture plan that best suits your needs during the design development phase.


Final drawing sets include floor plans, lighting plans, electrical plans, details and elevations of architectural elements and other drawings as per project requirements. Perspective drawings or renderings can also be provided.


Our final presentation, design development, will consist of all the final selections of finishes, furniture and equipment needed for the space to begin the construction.

COMPLETION| Implementation & Completion - it's the "big day".

Once we have all of the design elements specified and selected after the design development phase, we will work with you to take the project from "paper" to reality.


We will assist you in interviewing the various contractors and will also work with them to ensure a complete understanding of the design details during the construction process.


As professional designers we understand construction and work closely with the contractors.


During the construction, we will make scheduled site visits to ensure that the work is being completed in accordance with the design specifications.

Linda Fougerousse in Oak Brook, IL on Houzz
Linda Fougerousse in Oak Brook, IL on Houzz

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