More than Meets the Eye: Porcelain Wood Tile

Love the look of wood floors, but hate the thought of water damage or upkeep? Then the newest surfaces of porcelain wood tiles is exactly what you are looking for! These durable surfaces are perfect for kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms that tend to attract spills, splashes and — unfortunately — flooding.

There are a wide range of colors, textures and patterns that will make you do a double take when you need to “knock on wood!” Check out these unique surfaces:

Porcelain Wood Tile

Inspired by the industrial wooden floors of the 70s, U-Color’s wood-grain porcelain tiles are made from HD artisan porcelain in cold glazings, reducing the environmental impact of manufacturing. The U-Color tiles have the same performance as regular porcelain tiles, but with a much wider range of color options.


Porcelain Wood TileAuthentic visuals and textures translate the warmth of handcrafted wood onto Marazzi’s easy-care porcelain Treverchic tiles. These close-grain natural walnut and teak designs were developed with 3-D digital print technology ensuring no two porcelain wood tiles would be the same.

Porcelain Wood Tile



UonUon is a glazed porcelain tile produced by Italian manufacturer, 14OraItaliana. Drawing its inspiration from Andy Warhol and Pop Art, the UonUon collection features dynamic colors in a variety of wood patterns.



Porcelain Wood Tile

Astor Ceramiche Vintage glazed porcelain stoneware creates an aged-to-perfection wood effect.

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