Kitchen Countertop Surfaces Comparison Chart

Counter Surfaces

Selecting a kitchen countertop surface can be overwhelming, so we’ve put together a quick comparison guide to help you with the process. If you’d like to learn about what kitchen countertop surface is best for your needs, call us to arrange a consultation. We have a wide range of samples that can help ease your decision.

Granite 100% natural stone; every piece is unique, extremely resistant to heat and very scratch resistant Requires seams and may need periodic sealing
Marble No two slabs are alike and handles heat More porous than granite so it can scratch and stain (nail polish, liquid make-up etc.)
Soapstone Extremely durable natural surface; no staining, heat, resistant and nonporous. Considered the most environmentally safe countertop with no chemicals used for finishing. Available in matte or polished To keep the finish and darkness consistent, you do have to oil it quite often. Limited color selection.
Solid Surface Man-made of acrylic or polyester plastics; nonporous and highly resistant to bacteria-growth. Seams are almost undetectable and scratches or chips can be repaired. Can discolor or become damaged when exposed to extreme heat; also can scratch and chip
Quartz Made with 85-95% crushed quartz with a resin binder. Nonporous and highly resistant to bacteria growth. More durable than solid surface and won’t scratch or chip. Heat-resistant (up to 400F). Seams can divide to trap dirt and bacteria