We searched the internet for some of the best Halloween food ideas and here’s what we came up with.


Diaper Dip

We found this but there was no recipe attached.  Since the dippers are potato chips, we think it may be some kind of cheese or ranch dip that been food colored to look this nasty!  What ever it is, I doubt anyone will eat it – would you?


Puking Pumpkin

There’s nothing better than guacamole especially even if it’s been regurgitated.

Spilling your guts

It’s never a good idea to spill your guts at a party.

piece de REPULSIVE

Can you hand me the potatoes?

When potatoes and meatloaf go terribly wrong.

Here’s looking at you kid!

I see taco’s in my future.


Potent Pointers anyone

Are cookies with icing pointing you in the wrong direction.

Sinister spiders

I don’t know about your but my spidey sense is telling me yes!