Pillow Talk: Decorating with Accent Pillows


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We’re going to let you in on a little design secret: decorating with accent pillows is the easiest and most affordable way to instantly update a room!  Here are a few guidelines to help choose the right accent pillows for your living space:


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Size and shape: Accent pillows come in four basic shapes: bolsters, circles, squares and rectangle. Which size and shape you choose really depends on how the pillow will be used. Will the pillow need to provide lumbar support? Does it needs to double as a head pillow for couch potatoes? Is the back of the chair hard? Some rules of thumb are that standard 18” square pillows fit neatly on most standard-sized sofas. If your sofa has a very low back, 16” squares might be a better choice. Oversized pillows are perfect for family rooms or basement man caves to create a more laid-back, lounge vibe.



What’s inside: Feather-and-down fill offers more squish and a higher price tag. Synthetic fills can appear less lush, but do hold their shape and are more affordable.



How many: In design arrangements, odd numbers tend to be more interesting but symmetry can be just as appealing. Play with one accent pillow for a chair and three or five for a standard sized sofa. Also, if you have to move pillows to sit down comfortably on your sofa, you probably have too many!


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Mix it up:  If you are nervous about mixing patterns, select pillows that have at least one color in common and vary the scale of the patterns. For example, if one pillow has a small detailed graphic print, pair it with a large pattern or none at all. Each pillow should stand out on it’s own without competing for your eye’s attention.

You can also choose contrasting textures — velvet, leather, linen or silk  — to add warmth, interest and traction so the pillows do not slide off the sofa’s surface.

Decorating with accent pillows

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Consider the whole room: If you are buying accent pillows for several pieces of furniture in the same room, consider them together as a group. They do not need to match, but there should be a harmonious feature — color, style, pattern — that unifies the pillows togehter.

If you need a change, swap the pillows out, reverse them or try a slipcover. For more decorating ideas, contact us today!