The Wearing of the Green (In Decor!)

Between the St. Patrick’s Day celebrations and first signs of Spring (finally!), we can’t help finding green decor inspiration all around us.  Our designers have rounded up a few of their favorite hues found in nature, home accessories, paint color — and yes, even food, so you can see that it can be easy being green!

The color green is not only calming and refreshing, but can be also be unexpected and create so much drama in a space. Use green in just the right amount and it’s a masterpiece.


Green Pringles?  We love this piece so much that Linda is eyeing it for her living room.

air plantss

Air plants are a nice addition of life in little doses and add a splash of green in any setting.

Photoarts tree snakeNot only is the tree snake a natural work of art, this dramatic photo makes it nearly impossible for you to look away from its eyes. An incredible statement piece for the right room.


Green represents fresh starts with new possibilities — even for the Cubbies!


This fun carpet tile adds earthy tones and warm feelings
in any space to create an urban retreat.

Green accents

A green piece of accent furniture or any accessory can add pizzaz to a monochromatic room.


A little green indulgence to look forward to every year.

Need more green inspiration? Click your heels three times and you’ll be off to the Emerald City in no time! (Or just give us a call and we’ll create a stunning color scheme for you!)