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Nursery Décor Ideas to go Gaga Over

Ready to nest? We are sharing a few nursery decor ideas and fun furnishings to transform any room into a chic, restful space for baby — and mama!

Check out my crib! 

Nursery Decorating Ideas

Vetro Crib in Clear Acrylic from Nursery Works

Finally, a way to peek on a sleeping baby without tip-toeing all the way into the room!  Nursery Works created the first 100 percent recyclable, non-toxic acrylic crib on the market named the Vetro.  Combining utility, purity and understated beauty, this crib is exclusively handcrafted and laser-etched with a unique limited edition number. Clear sides provide an unimpeded view of the baby and nursery. The unexpected black and white bedding adds a fun graphic element. 

nursery decor ideas

Dolce Baby’s Angelina Upholstered Crib

This sweet yet sophisticated room offers classic French Provincial style with a pretty pink, purple and grey color palette. The crib features hand-sculpted floral appliqués and cabriole legs and can be easily transitioned to a toddler bed and day bed. We are fans of the canvas artwork and princess chandelier.

Nursery Decor Ideas

PetitNest Garcon Crib

Marrying modern design with striking filigree carvings, the Garcon crib lends an eye-catching statement to a nursery.

 Instant charm

Nursery decorating ideas wall decals

WallTat Helicopter Ceiling Decal

Our good friends over at WallTat offer a wide range of wall decals that offer high impact at a low cost. We love this clever design that uses your existing ceiling fan to serve as the blades of this easy-to-install chopper — perfect for transitioning a nursery into a big boy room.


Baby Whales Decals from WalTat

Another favorite WallTat decal is this darling Baby Whale set. This is the perfect gender neutral accent to your walls above dressers, cribs or changing tables.  The decals are available in 34 colors for the large and small whales that best fit for your nursery’s decor. The circle rug adds warm to this room while the mint polka dots with orange accents turn up the playfulness!

 The right light

We recommend not using any harsh lighting in a nursery. If you have an overhead fixture above the crib, install a dimmer to adjust at bedtime. A small accent lamp is perfect for story time and nightlights add safety and comfort during those late-night feedings.

Nursery Decorating Ideas Nightlight

Land of Nod Hedgehog Nightlight

Nursery Decorating Ideas nightlight

Land of Nod Gumball Machine Nightlight

When decorating your nursery, be sure to allow enough time to let the paint and new furniture air out. It’s best to order furniture 12 to 15 weeks before the baby’s due date to ensure that it’s delivered and assembled in time.

Planning ahead or using an interior designer to decorate your nursery helps alleviate stress keep your energy in a much-needed reserve.

Organized kid bedrooms: No, it’s not an oxymoron!

“In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun.
You find the fun and snap! — the job’s a game.” 
~Lyrics from A Spoonful of Sugar

Let’s face it: we’ve all envied Mary Poppins’ ability to clean Jane and Michael’s pig sty with the snap of her fingers. The beds magically made! The 765 dollhouse pieces precisely placed! The folded clothes flying into the dresser drawers — that actually close!

If only organizing your child’s bedroom were that easy.

We have a few tips to help empower your kids with the concepts of being organized.  Starting early while they’re young, not only makes your life easier, but it’s the best way to ensure they have the tools in place when they open that umbrella and fly out of the window. Um, nest.

Purchase furniture with built-in storage.

Photo courtesy of:

Photo courtesy of:

The quickest option is to find furniture with great storage options which allows less clutter and less time spent searching for things. Look for pieces that can transition as your child grows or can be moved in to a guest room in later years.





Photo courtesy of:

Photo courtesy of:

  • Ready-made bookcases are great storage options. Look for sturdy construction and adjustable shelves.
  • Shelves deep enough to store oversized picture books, and boxes or bins for toys are best for younger children. Older children may prefer shallower shelves that paperbacks won’t get lost on.
  • Whichever type you choose, take the time to secure the bookcases to the wall with a furniture anchoring system to prevent dangerous toppling.




Photo courtesy of:

Photo courtesy of:

  • Hang a second clothes rod from the top rod so children are able to reach clothes and hang them up.
  • Put hooks on the back of the bedroom door at a convenient height for hanging backpacks, jackets and clothes that can be worn again.





Get creative with storage space. 

Photo courtesy of HGTV: Tidy Teen Study Center

Photo courtesy of HGTV: Tidy Teen Study Center

  • Raise beds up with lifts and add an extra-long bed skirt to conceal under-bed storage space for seasonal items and growing collections.
  • Get stuffed animals off the bed or floor with a nylon hammock that hangs across one corner of the ceiling. (Make sure your kids can reach it so that they can “clean” their room!)
  • Use wall rails to display artwork, photos, notes, certificates and other special keepsakes. You can also hide smaller items in pouches that hang along the hook rail.

Create zones.

Photo courtesy of:

Photo courtesy of:

  • Create a space in your home that provides an area for your child to hang up their backpacks and coats as well as a place to keep their shoes and boots. This zone can be set up in the laundry area, mud room or a storage bench in your home’s entryway.
  • Provide a desk with storage for homework and school-related items.
  • Keep art projects at a corner table with all supplies organized within arm’s reach.
  • If reading takes place on the bed, keep books on a shelf nearby or in a box under the bed.

Establish limits for how much stuff is in the room.

  • If your child has toys with small parts, only allow one set to be played with at one time. Establish consequences when these rules are broken.
  • Every season, sort through your child’s clothing. Donate what doesn’t fit anymore or save clothing in a storage bin and move that bin in a different area of the home if you are passing them on to another child.
  • Follow the “one toy in, one toy out” rule. Involve your child in passing their toys or books to younger cousins or donating to a charity.

In the end, even the best-executed organizational plan can’t force kids to keep their things neat. But the easier you make it to put things away, the more likely they are to do so.

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