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Mixing design styles

Photo Credit: New Zealand Design

Photo Credit: New Zealand Design

While some people seek the advice of a therapist when they’re having marital problems, others, well they just call their designer!  I say, how about along with the pre cana marriage prep classes, couples are also required to schedule a consultation with a specialist (of course I’m speaking about an interior aficionado).  That way we can be sure that mounted and signed NFL football jersey doesn’t end up in the dining room!

When you make the big decision to share your space with someone, you tend to blend sofas, personalities, art and style. So how do you pull it off?

Do: Start with a neutral background

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

Neutral hues, such as beige, khaki, and rain-cloud gray, generate a calming atmosphere, while the contrast of white walls with black-and –white color scheme can create drama and flair.

Do: Mix modern with traditional

By mixing a modern side table with a classic chair, a room is given a sophisticated new chic look.

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

Do: Add contrast with colors and texture

As we discussed in our previous post on creating cohesive looks, using contrasting colors and textures really adds interest to your home.  Group similar items together, like candlesticks or your collection of seashells, for a unified look.

Don’t: Treat all styles equally

If you live in a more casual space, a formal antique table will look like a pair of Manolo Blahniks in a Payless. Opt for a more casual vintage piece. If you’re a couple who appreciates the finer things in life, the opposite rings true for you.

 Don’t: Panic

You don’t have to decorate your entire home overnight — in fact, it would look too matchy-matchy if you do. Mixing pieces and styles you both agree on is a process, so make it fun — a travel piece here, a birthday gift there. If you wind up with an eclectic mix of stuff, all the better!

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Beautiful Holiday Tablescape Ideas

We are dashing through the web, loading our browser’s cache,
over the blogs we go, pinning all the way….
to bring you beautiful holiday tablescapes!

These memorable centerpieces will set the tone for your holiday festivities and draw “Cheers!” from your guests.

To decorate like a pro, we recommend starting with a theme and then creating your tablescape around that concept focusing on one or two colors. If you want to add a third hue, do so sparingly so the table doesn’t get too busy.

Presenting presents! For an easy, yet impactful holiday tablescape, wrap boxes with moss, beautiful ribbon, metallic wrapping paper — your only limit is your imagination! Small presents for each setting also serve double duty: impactful decor and a thoughtful gifts for your guests to remember the occasion. Wine charms, ornaments, hot chocolate or USB thumb drives loaded with your favorite holiday tunes are just a few ideas for favors.


Photo: The Lettered Cottage

House Beautiful Vintage Holiday Centerpiece

Photo: House Beautiful

BeechTree Photography

Bright idea: Transform your existing light fixture to add whimsy or drama to your table. Ornaments, ribbon and fishing line are all you need to achieve these looks:

Real Simple Overhead Opulence

Photo: Real Simple

Modern Living

Photo: 212concept

Branch out this season! To add height to your display, spray paint branches and hang them overhead with jute rope from removable adhesive hooks on the ceiling. Or arrange branches in vases and decorate with glass icicles, lightweight ornaments or small frames with family photos.

branch with birds

Photo: Better Homes and Gardens

lily pad cottage christmas tablescape

Photo: The Lily Pad Cottage

digs digs charming winter centerpieces


House of Smiths Holiday Tablescapes

Photo: The House of Smiths

A stop at Candy Cane Lane. The traditional red and white angular stripes are the perfect source for tablescape inspiration. Incorporated candy canes or sticks into your centerpiece or a simple wide ribbon down the middle of your table.

stone walk kitchen candy cane flower centerpiece

Photo: Stonewalk Kitchen

Modern Living & Design Christmas Candy Cane centerpiece

Photo: 212concept

french setting French Larkspur

Photo: French Larkspur


Bringing the outside in. Whether your style is rustic or refined, incorporating fruit, nuts, pine cones, flowers or greens into your holiday tablescape is a simple and affordable and option for creating a “wow” entertaining moment.

AO at home christmas tablescape

Photo: AO at Home

Partridge in a Pear Tree Crate and Barrel Christmas

Photo: Crate and Barrel


tulips and pinecones

Photo: Midwest Living

Cinnamon sticks holiday tablescapes

Photo: Just Imagine

Better Homes and Gardens christmas tree centerpiece

Photo: Better Homes and Gardens


Photo: Home Talk

Sweet Something Design Outdoor Christmas Tablescape

Photo: Sweet Something Design


Photo: Finding Home Online

We hope that our roundup of beautiful holiday tablescape ideas provides inspiration while you are decking the halls!

Seasons greetings from your friends at Interior Transformation.

Top 10 Do’s & Don’ts for Accessorizing Your Home

“Have nothing in your house
that you do not know 
to be useful,
or believe to be beautiful.”
~William Morris

Creating a theme or style in your home can be accomplished by thoughtful choices and placement of accessories. But where do you begin? Our designers share their pro advice on the top 10 do’s and don’ts for selecting and arranging your home accessories:

1) Do add texture with area rugs, pillows, lampshades and window treatments to create visual interest.

Adding interesting texture with Silver Urn Lamp from

Adding interesting texture with Silver Urn Lamp from

2) Don’t be afraid to add in color — even if it’s unexpected. Use artwork, a pillow or side table to add that pop of color and then add a few additional items in the space with the same color. But don’t overdo it. There is no need to have the color everywhere.

pop of color

Adding an unexpected pop of color. Source: Houzz

3) Do use the “Rule of Three” to group your accessories such as displaying three vases of varying heights or three pillar candles. Arrange a grouping on a decorative tray to create an interesting focal point.

A Group of Three Book Birds from

A flock of three Book Birds from

4) Don’t forget about maintenance. If you don’t have endless amounts of time or money to pay someone to dust, items with small crevices and excessive ornamentation will only collect dust if not cleaned on a regular basis. Smooth edges and bigger pieces are easier to maintain.

5) Don’t hang your artwork too high. Pictures, paintings, mirrors and other wall hangings should be hung at eye level.


Artwork gallery source: Crate and Barrel

6) Do think about scale when selecting home accessories.  Displaying a bunch of small items on a large piece of furniture will appear busy and cluttered. Use one, two or three larger pieces that complement each other.

7) Don’t over-accessorize as this can make a room feel cluttered and overwhelming. Instead, choose fewer pieces that make an impact and reflect your style.

home decor

Simply beautiful and impactful. Source:

8) Do layer your décor in this order: furniture, wall then accessories. It’s okay if the accessories overlap the wall art as long as the overall view isn’t obstructed. Try to isolate the areas of your space into small vignettes when arranging accessories like you are preparing for a photo shoot.

A framed Countryside map is hung eye level above the Taggart Console Table from

Time-traveller vignette from

9) Do play with a variety of shapes that all work well together without being matchy. Mix round with square, rectangular with three-dimensional shapes, or tall and chunky with medium and slender. Don’t be afraid to play with accessories at the showroom or store to make sure you like them all together.


Combining shapes and sizes creates interest. Source: Crate and Barrel

10) Do buy more than you need — just hold on to your receipts! If you are shopping at multiple stores, be aware of their return policies. Sometimes what looks great online or on a shelf will not work once you bring it home. By having several options on-hand, you can see what works in scale with your existing furniture and colors. But remember to edit and keep what you find to be useful and beautiful!

Venice-inspired Manhattan apartment thoughtfully combines scale, color and layers of accessories. Featured on