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Ideas for Contemporary Bathroom Fixtures


If your design style is minimalist and modern, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite contemporary bathroom fixtures for inspiration:

We love when form meets function! The freestanding design of Kohler’s Archer tub creates a striking focal point and features a molded lumbar support offers extra comfort while bathing. The slotted overflow allows for deep soaking. It also is available with these “Calgon-take-me-away” features:

  • Enjoy a relaxing soak with your favorite music streamed right into the bath.
  • Bask heated surface creates spa-like relaxation with soothing warmth on your back and neck.
  • Airjets release thousands of bubbles that surround, support, and massage the body.


VOLA’s new sleek, therapeutic products include the Kneipp Hose and the Waterfall Shower that are designed for use as part of a holistic sauna experience. The hose’s Kneipp hydrotherapy regulates blood pressure and enhances circulation while the shower provides a smooth ribbon of fresh cold water. According to VOLA, this gentle but steady cascade helps the bather to cool off rapidly. It invigorates the system and contracts the dilated blood vessels to create a sense of calm and wellbeing.





Toto’s Upton Showerhead features a slimline design and 9 x 9″ Plated Spray Face for a spa-like experience in your own contemporary bathroom oasis.


The geometric angles and edges of Delta’s Ara Bath Collection caught our eye for a streamlined look. The faucets are available in a variety of finishes and configurations from wall mount to channel spout.

Who knew that a toilet could be sculptural? St. George’s one-piece toilet is stately with turn-of-the-century details.  Bonus: the PowerWash rim scrubs the bowl with each flush!

Kohler DTV Custom Showering Experience

Kohler DTV Custom Showering Experience

The DTV+ digital showering platform from Kohler brings water, music, light and steam together for a true multi-sensory showering experience — all controlled and customized with a touch screen. Each is based on existing hydrotherapies inspired by one of three themes: Relaxation, Well-Being, and Energy. Need to see it to believe it? Check out Kohler’s video…

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Quick Guide to Choosing the Right Countertop

Choose the Right Countertop

Choosing the right countertop is a big decision when renovating your kitchen or bath. While you might be influenced by price or looks, understanding a surface’s durability and maintenance requirements are just as important. Check out our quick reference guide:

Granite  100% natural stone; every piece is unique, extremely resistant to heat and very scratch resistant Requires seams and may need periodic sealing
Marble No two slabs are alike and handles heat More porous than granite so it can scratch and stain (nail polish, liquid make-up etc.)
Soapstone Extremely durable natural surface; no staining, heat, resistant and nonporous. Considered the most environmentally safe countertop with no chemicals used for finishing. Available in matte or polished To keep the finish and darkness consistent, you do have to oil it quite often. Limited color selection.
Solid Surface Man-made of acrylic or polyester plastics; nonporous and highly resistant to bacteria-growth. Seams are almost undetectable and scratches or chips can be repaired. Can discolor or become damaged when exposed to extreme heat; also can scratch and chip.
Quartz Made with 85-95% crushed quartz with a resin binder. Nonporous and highly resistant to bacteria growth. More durable than solid surface and won’t scratch or chip. Heatresistant (up to 400F). Seams can divide to trap dirt and bacteria.

Need more help? Our design team specializes in bathroom and kitchen renovation and can assist with everything from space planning to finishing touches.

Quick Reference Guide to Faucet Finishes

There’s more than what meets the eye when you are looking for the perfect kitchen or bathroom faucets and accessories. We’ve put together this handy reference guide to help you determine which faucet finishes would work best for your home.

Plumbing Fixtures 2

Chrome Very popular, most inexpensive Spots
Polished Nickel Also popular – has a warmer finish Spots, harder to find matching accessories
Brushed Nickel One of the most durable finishes. Doesn’t show water spots or fingerprints Doesn’t give the shiny impact of chrome or polished nickel
Stainless Steel No plating, long lasting Can scratch and rust
Oil Rubbed Bronze Easy to clean and match accessories More expensive and not as popular

Plumbing Finishes 1

Brass Easy to clean and match accessories More expensive and not as popular
Satin Brass Elegant unique look that doesn’t show spots or fingerprints Harder to find and more expensive
Copper Great antibacterial properties. Will develop beautiful patina over time Very hard to find and match accessories
Satin Bronze Is a nice alternative to copper that offers a softer look than oil rubbed bronze but can be used with similar finishes Very expensive and harder to find accessories
Matte Black Easy to clean, doesn’t show dirt Hard to find accessories

(Faucet images credit:

Need more help? Our design team specializes in bathroom renovation and can assist with everything from space planning to finishing touches. We also have additional information on the Resources section of our website.


How to Choose the Right Bathroom Tile

Choosing bathroom tile for your renovation can be extremely overwhelming. Knowing the advantages and disadvantages of each material, you’ll be able to narrow down your selection to best suit your needs.

Ceramic Bathroom TileCeramic Bathroom Tile
• Unlimited color selection
• Tons of shapes
• Most budget friendly

• Can crack easily
• Color only on surface
• Most is wall and ceiling (floor available but will have a different rating)

Porcelain Bathroom Tile
ProsPorcelain Bathroom Tile
• Unlimited color selection
• Excellent substitute for natural stone and other materials
• Can be used on floors and walls

• Limited shapes and trim pieces
• Color only on surface
• Harder to cut to size

Natural Stone Bathroom TileNatural Stone Bathroom Tile
• Minimal upkeep
• Durable and timeless
• Color consistency throughout
• Many size options for the more popular stone

• Can be porous and will need to be sealed
• Highest cost
• Some stone is hard to cut as it can flake

 For more information on bathroom tile or bathroom renovations, visit our website’s Resources page.