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Wallpaper – we’re just hangin’ and getting pasted!

Wallpaper has been making a come back over the past few years and I have to say I’m thrilled.   While I love paint, sometimes a room just needs a little bit of a wow factor.  That’s where wallpaper rolls in.

You can use wallpaper in so many ways and in so many places.  We’ve put together a small sampling of some of our latest finds.

Wood Wallpaper

Wood Veneer Ajior Sunburst by Maya Romanoff

One of my favorites which has been actually been around for a few years is Ajiro Sunburst by Maya Romanoff – manufactured right here in Chicago.










Wood Look


This design is actually a wood veneer so when it’s installed it adds luxury and drama to any space.  This design is available in six colorways.  I could see this being used in both residential and of course commercial applications.  I’d like to use this as a backdrop for an upholstered headboard.


How about something a little more fun.  The paper below is by DL Couch and is part of their specialty collection.  Also comes in 6 colorways.  Apply this as an accent wall or go crazy and do a whole room.

MORE WOODS | Brazilian Rosewood

Dimensional Wallpaper

Talk About Texture


Want even more texture – love this one.   There is so much drama with this paper.   I might have to have this in my office!




Fabric 3d Wallcovering

Textile WallcoveringEclipse-5C5C

Looking to add drama to your den.  This paper gives you the look of a paneled wall.  It is a soft textile three dimensional wallcovering.  Manufactured by Arte, it’s part of their Eclipse Black and White Collection


Our Sources:

More than Meets the Eye: Porcelain Wood Tile

Love the look of wood floors, but hate the thought of water damage or upkeep? Then the newest surfaces of porcelain wood tiles is exactly what you are looking for! These durable surfaces are perfect for kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms that tend to attract spills, splashes and — unfortunately — flooding.

There are a wide range of colors, textures and patterns that will make you do a double take when you need to “knock on wood!” Check out these unique surfaces:

Porcelain Wood Tile

Inspired by the industrial wooden floors of the 70s, U-Color’s wood-grain porcelain tiles are made from HD artisan porcelain in cold glazings, reducing the environmental impact of manufacturing. The U-Color tiles have the same performance as regular porcelain tiles, but with a much wider range of color options.


Porcelain Wood TileAuthentic visuals and textures translate the warmth of handcrafted wood onto Marazzi’s easy-care porcelain Treverchic tiles. These close-grain natural walnut and teak designs were developed with 3-D digital print technology ensuring no two porcelain wood tiles would be the same.

Porcelain Wood Tile



UonUon is a glazed porcelain tile produced by Italian manufacturer, 14OraItaliana. Drawing its inspiration from Andy Warhol and Pop Art, the UonUon collection features dynamic colors in a variety of wood patterns.



Porcelain Wood Tile

Astor Ceramiche Vintage glazed porcelain stoneware creates an aged-to-perfection wood effect.

Need more ideas? Contact us and we will recommend the best flooring solutions that will not only be beautiful, but withstand the many footprints of time.

Organized kid bedrooms: No, it’s not an oxymoron!

“In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun.
You find the fun and snap! — the job’s a game.” 
~Lyrics from A Spoonful of Sugar

Let’s face it: we’ve all envied Mary Poppins’ ability to clean Jane and Michael’s pig sty with the snap of her fingers. The beds magically made! The 765 dollhouse pieces precisely placed! The folded clothes flying into the dresser drawers — that actually close!

If only organizing your child’s bedroom were that easy.

We have a few tips to help empower your kids with the concepts of being organized.  Starting early while they’re young, not only makes your life easier, but it’s the best way to ensure they have the tools in place when they open that umbrella and fly out of the window. Um, nest.

Purchase furniture with built-in storage.

Photo courtesy of:

Photo courtesy of:

The quickest option is to find furniture with great storage options which allows less clutter and less time spent searching for things. Look for pieces that can transition as your child grows or can be moved in to a guest room in later years.





Photo courtesy of:

Photo courtesy of:

  • Ready-made bookcases are great storage options. Look for sturdy construction and adjustable shelves.
  • Shelves deep enough to store oversized picture books, and boxes or bins for toys are best for younger children. Older children may prefer shallower shelves that paperbacks won’t get lost on.
  • Whichever type you choose, take the time to secure the bookcases to the wall with a furniture anchoring system to prevent dangerous toppling.




Photo courtesy of:

Photo courtesy of:

  • Hang a second clothes rod from the top rod so children are able to reach clothes and hang them up.
  • Put hooks on the back of the bedroom door at a convenient height for hanging backpacks, jackets and clothes that can be worn again.





Get creative with storage space. 

Photo courtesy of HGTV: Tidy Teen Study Center

Photo courtesy of HGTV: Tidy Teen Study Center

  • Raise beds up with lifts and add an extra-long bed skirt to conceal under-bed storage space for seasonal items and growing collections.
  • Get stuffed animals off the bed or floor with a nylon hammock that hangs across one corner of the ceiling. (Make sure your kids can reach it so that they can “clean” their room!)
  • Use wall rails to display artwork, photos, notes, certificates and other special keepsakes. You can also hide smaller items in pouches that hang along the hook rail.

Create zones.

Photo courtesy of:

Photo courtesy of:

  • Create a space in your home that provides an area for your child to hang up their backpacks and coats as well as a place to keep their shoes and boots. This zone can be set up in the laundry area, mud room or a storage bench in your home’s entryway.
  • Provide a desk with storage for homework and school-related items.
  • Keep art projects at a corner table with all supplies organized within arm’s reach.
  • If reading takes place on the bed, keep books on a shelf nearby or in a box under the bed.

Establish limits for how much stuff is in the room.

  • If your child has toys with small parts, only allow one set to be played with at one time. Establish consequences when these rules are broken.
  • Every season, sort through your child’s clothing. Donate what doesn’t fit anymore or save clothing in a storage bin and move that bin in a different area of the home if you are passing them on to another child.
  • Follow the “one toy in, one toy out” rule. Involve your child in passing their toys or books to younger cousins or donating to a charity.

In the end, even the best-executed organizational plan can’t force kids to keep their things neat. But the easier you make it to put things away, the more likely they are to do so.

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Mixing design styles

Photo Credit: New Zealand Design

Photo Credit: New Zealand Design

While some people seek the advice of a therapist when they’re having marital problems, others, well they just call their designer!  I say, how about along with the pre cana marriage prep classes, couples are also required to schedule a consultation with a specialist (of course I’m speaking about an interior aficionado).  That way we can be sure that mounted and signed NFL football jersey doesn’t end up in the dining room!

When you make the big decision to share your space with someone, you tend to blend sofas, personalities, art and style. So how do you pull it off?

Do: Start with a neutral background

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

Neutral hues, such as beige, khaki, and rain-cloud gray, generate a calming atmosphere, while the contrast of white walls with black-and –white color scheme can create drama and flair.

Do: Mix modern with traditional

By mixing a modern side table with a classic chair, a room is given a sophisticated new chic look.

Photo Credit:

Photo Credit:

Do: Add contrast with colors and texture

As we discussed in our previous post on creating cohesive looks, using contrasting colors and textures really adds interest to your home.  Group similar items together, like candlesticks or your collection of seashells, for a unified look.

Don’t: Treat all styles equally

If you live in a more casual space, a formal antique table will look like a pair of Manolo Blahniks in a Payless. Opt for a more casual vintage piece. If you’re a couple who appreciates the finer things in life, the opposite rings true for you.

 Don’t: Panic

You don’t have to decorate your entire home overnight — in fact, it would look too matchy-matchy if you do. Mixing pieces and styles you both agree on is a process, so make it fun — a travel piece here, a birthday gift there. If you wind up with an eclectic mix of stuff, all the better!

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Keep Cozy This Winter

Photo: Wonderful Home Blog

Photo: Wonderful Home Blog

With a variety of holidays to celebrate, the early part of winter tends to be the most uplifting but as the season wears on and holiday décor packed away, your home may be looking a little naked as the new year kicks off.  “As winter bears down, I always like to throw a party to continue the great feelings of the holidays,” says Linda, our principal designer. Here are a few ideas for creating a warm and cozy haven in the middle of the winter chill that you will love sharing with friends and family.

Blankets and Pillows

The quickest way to spruce-up your home is with strategically placed blankets and pillows. A blanket folded over the arm of a sofa is a great way to add warmth on the coldest winter day. Add a few cable-knit throw pillows and you have a perfect spot to cozy up with a good book and cup of coffee.

Photo courtesy of

Photo courtesy of

Candles and Scents

A log fire in the fireplace is the epitome of winter warmth. Don’t have a fireplace? Candles are a great way to give your home a warm and peaceful feel.  Scented candles or a light air freshener will add a sense of comfort throughout your home.


With the longer nights, additional lighting is a must during the winter. By keeping the lights soft and low with a variety of lamps, you’re able to keep it romantic and relaxing. Consider adding a new statement piece with a new light fixture this winter. Contact us to explore your best options.

Bring the Outdoors In! 

Photo: Home & Garden blog

Photo: Home & Garden blog

Feel free to take a few of your decorating cues from nature. A few sprigs of greenery on the mantle in the living room, an apothecary jar filled with acorns or a batch of pomegranates in a decorative bowl on the dining room table all maintain a cozy home design no matter the time of year.

For more ideas on how to bring a cozy warmth to your home, follow us on Facebook. For specific questions contact us now!; 630-782-0806